Is the Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit™ right for you?

Are you an author who:

The Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit™ brings
together all the resources every author needs to succeed.

Meet and learn from Publishing Services Providers such as editors and graphic artists. Learn about helpful software products. Receive advice from those have gone before down the publishing path. Listen to published authors tell you how they broke into the publishing business and which pieces of their path are duplicatable and which are not! Find out how to get on the radio. Find out what you need to know to keep your printing costs low. More education available from ghostwriters, writing coaches, printers, publicists, publishers and other experts willing to give you valuable insight into your publishing project!

Whether you're at dream stage or have many books to your credit, the Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit can help. With over 25 service providers in as many disciplines, there will be worthwhile information for all authors to take 'it' to the next level.

Come to Lone Tree Colorado on April 28, 2012 and see what we mean when we say, "This is the largest free* author-centric event in the US!"

Mark your calendars for this free* event runs from 9am - 5pm and will feature dozens of local authors telling their path to being published and feature over 25 service providers most authors need to get started and to create a best-selling book.

The publishing business is vast and can be overwhelming - come learn more about it from the people who work in it every single day and want to give back to a creative community of authors!

*free - a donation of $10 per person at the door will be collected to donate to T.A.P.S.! Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors