Authors of the Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit™

Largest Author Signing in Colorado

The Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit™ brings together, in one place all the resources every author needs to succeed. Service Providers, software, financing, advice from those have gone before down the publishing path. Listen to literary agents, published authors, editors, graphic artists, writing coaches, printers, publishers and many more experts willing to give you free insight into your publishing project!

The Published Authors of the Rocky Mountain area

will tell all who attend the Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit™

the path they took to publish their first book

and the impact that had on their lives.

Come and meet these authors:

Personally meet all of these authors and more on April 28, 2012 in Lone Tree Colorado.

Mark your calendars for this free* event runs from 9am - 5pm and will feature 24 local authors telling their path to being published and feature over 50 service providers most authors need to get started and to create a best-selling book.

The publishing business is vast and can be overwhelming - come learn more about it from the people who work in it every single day and want to give back to a creative community of authors!

*free - a donation of $5/person at the door will be collected to donate to Habitat For Humanity!

EJ Thornton

owner of Books To Believe In

inventor of Partner Publishing

author of Advanced Book Marketing

and Angel on Board

gives her speech, "Who you're going to need to hire and when" to

the attendees of the 2012 Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit

RMWS featured book:

Love Power The Clean Energy Fuel of the Future

by Alan Halverson

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"You don't have to

be good to start,

but you have to start

to be good."

~Joe Sabah

Author & Speaker

How Authors Book Themselves on Radio Shows

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