Event Information for the
Rocky Mountain Writer's Summitâ„¢

Date: April 28, 2012

Time: 9 am - 6 pm

Location: Lone Tree Golf & Country Club & Hotel --> Get Directions Now

9808 Sunningdale Boulevard,

Lone Tree, CO

(303) 790-0202

ALL of last year's heavy hitters will be returning as well as a couple of authors who have published and released their books thanks to the 2012 Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit!!!

There will be several book launches and e-book launches at the 2012 Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit

BONUS BONUS BONUS On site massage therapist (back by popular demand)...
Donna from That Special Touch Spa Club's grill will be open for breakfast and lunch

The largest free author-centric event ever where authors can will be able to ask publishing service providers (who they will eventually hire) what are the 'gotchas' when dealing with your service industry?

What should authors know before they enter into these types of service transactions, enabling them to become informed and confident consumers and spend their publishing dollars more effectively!

Doors open at 9am and close at 5pm. You will have hundreds of people to network with and learn from. So much more will be available to you on April 28, 2012 in Lone Tree Colorado.

Mark your calendars for this free* event runs from 9am - 5pm and will feature 24 local authors telling their path to being published and feature over 50 service providers most authors need to get started and to create a best-selling book.

The publishing business is vast and can be overwhelming - come learn more about it from the people who work in it every single day and want to give back to a creative community of authors!


If the Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit right for you and you need a hotel to accommodate a day stay in the Lone Tree Colorado area, these hotels are close to the venue...

Previous Donations

In 2010, the Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit proudly provided over 3000 meals to the people of the Rocky Mountain Region.

In 2011, we helped Habitat for Humanity build new homes.

In 2012, help us to help many families by supporting the TAPS program (www.taps.org)