Recommended Editors for the
Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit™

Getting your book edited by a professional book editor is critical to its ultimate commercial success.

Editors are on your team. Their job is to make your book better. Professional book editing is an artform as much as it is an objective exercise.

Common Book Editing Questions / Considerations

  • Do you know the difference between active tense and passive tense? Which one do most writers write in? Which one do most readers prefer?
  • What tense is your book written in? Consistently?
  • Do you have a favorite word? Probably. You have probably overused several words in your manuscript and it probably takes another set of eyes to see that.
  • Show don't Tell...
  • Do you inadvertantly betray your point of view?
  • For non-fiction authors, are you writing to your audience or above them? Does it sound condescending?
  • Do you own a style book? Do you turn to it with grammatical questions while you are writing?
  • Can your book be made tighter?
Patti Thorn will be speaking the Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit - What you need to know before you hire a book editor!

(See event info for the whole line up of speakers). Patti is professional book critic and can help shape up book projects. SHe served as the Books Editor and chief book critic for the Rocky Mountain News for 12 years, prior to the Rocky's closing in 2009. An award-winning writer and editor, Patti is now offering her skills to authors interested in a manuscript critique or editing of all kinds, including structural, line by line and copy editing.

We are sure you'll have many more relevant questions for the editors of the Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit.

If you have a question you would like an editor to answer, please go to the 'Contact us' page and send it in. We will do our best to get it answered for you.

These editors have shown high quality, high integrity of service to authors involved with the Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit and they are the recommended editors for the Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit™.

  • Patti Thorn

    Thorn Communications

  • Amy Casey

    Text Clarity

    Specializes in technical writing

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Writer's Summit Tip #31:

Make at least 3 Listmania lists that include your book and at least 10 other books:

Books in your genre (bestsellers preferably, classics next, your favorites last)

Books that you reference in your book (use your recommended reading, resources or bibliography information)

Books that your readers like (whether they are in your genre or not)

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Writer's Summit Tip #7:

Put a category classification on the back of your book.

It should match an official BISAC code. For example a WWII Military History written by Claud Aldrich called A Boy, A Ship and A War should be classified BISAC code: BIO008000, BIOGRAPHY and AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Military. If you want to add another qualifier after the official one, that's fine, but the top two classifications should match the official BISAC Code list so that bookstores know where to file it appropriately. And the bookstore buyers know you know the industry's best practices of using BISAC codes.

If you don't know what category you should have on your book, go to your favorite bookstore and ask yourself what shelf it belongs on, write down their categories. One of the reasons publishers / self-published authors put the categories on the book is to help the book store employees file the books on the proper shelves.

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