Writing Coaches of the
Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit™

Knowing that you need a writing coach can

be the difference between success and failure

for the writer and soon-to-be published author

Writing Coaches Questions / Considerations

  • When do I know if I need a writing coach?
  • Who makes the best kind of writing coach?
  • Do I want a private writing coach or do groups work just as effectively?
  • What does a writing coach really do?
  • Do writing coaches help you get published?
  • How much should I invest in my writing coach? How do I gauge the returns?
  • Do writing coaches help with writers block?
  • Do writing coaches help with editing?
  • We are sure you'll have many more relevant questions for the writing coaches of the Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit.

    If you have a question you would like a writing coach to answer, please go to the 'Contact us' page and send it in. We will do our best to get it answered for you.

    The book coach who will be addressing the Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit is Othniel J. Seiden, MD - Colorado's Most Prolific Author. Othniel (Otti) has written dozens of books in both the fiction and non-fiction categories. He's been commercially published, self published and now his favorite method of publishing is partner publishing. His books have sold millions of copies and been translated into many languages. He knows how to get the books written and more importantly, he knows how to write books that sell well!

    Otti will be kicking off the Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit

    with a talk on 'Publishing just isn't what it used to be - It's better!'.

    See full line up of speakers at event info

    Book Coach Othniel Seiden
    (Colorado's most prolific author)
    enlightens the attendees
    of the 2012 Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit
    "What he wished he knew before
    he published his first book"

These writing coaches have shown high quality, high integrity of service to authors involved with the Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit and they are the recommended writing coaches for the Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit™.

  • Othniel Seiden

    Colorado's Most Prolific Author

    Find Otti's groups on
  • EJ Thornton

    Book Publishing & Book Marketing Coach

    Find EJ's groups on

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RMWS featured speaker:

The Cartographer 1492

by Othniel J. Seiden

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Writer's Summit Tip #18:

Celebrate your Success!

Have a launch party for your book!

Many authors rely on a press announcement to get the word out for their book - that's not enough. Throw a party for your book!

Your inner circle wants to celebrate with you. Invite family, friends, neighbors, people from church, people from the office, people from your networking groups to your launch party.

They will all buy at least one book to help you celebrate the success. Offer them a copy of a "First run, numbered, personally dedicated book" - it is a collector's item.

Then give them a reason to buy 2 or 3 - discount the multiple sale and let them know they make perfect presents for whatever holiday is about to come up (Christmas, Mother's Day, Birthday).

You'll be amazed how many books you sell at a launch party and how well that launches your book into the marketplace!

Have a party!

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